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Meggy Render.png
Background Information
First appearanceIf Mario was in... Splatoon 2 (FANMADE)
Latest appearanceLuigi Plays: FIVE NIGHTS AT FREDDYS
VoiceYuki Tsuji
Character Information
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Meggy is an Inkling girl coming from Inkopolis after the events of If Mario was in... Splatoon when Mario first met her. She now often hangs out with the gang in the Mushroom Kingdom.

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Visual description

Meggy FullRender.png

Meggy wears a long sleeved black shirt with a white shirt on top of it, black shorts, black boots, a red hat with goggles on it and headphones. She's still an inkling despite her being a human in SMG4.


Most of the time, Meggy can be seen as the sanest and most normal person in the gang, though she can be clueless at times, especially in the case of typical human activities, like Gaming, Anime (she didn't know what christmas was), as she is an Inkling
She enjoys playing sports and competing in multiple challenges, her main sport of interest being Turf Wars. She will quickly take whatever challenge that is thrown at her. The most notable instance of this is in The Mario Channel: MARIO'S CHALLENGE, as Meggy is one of the only few contestants who cares more about the value of winning rather than the prize that Mario promises.

Meggy also has a very smug sense of humor, as she frequently throws snide remarks and taunting gestures at her opponents. Particular examples include telling Mario that she mistook him for a big, red target when she accidently shoots him, and when she sticks her tongue out at Bowser during Mario's Challenge after rebounding from his attempts to sabotage the Gauntlet. Meggy also seems to enjoy jokes based on stupidity, as she occasionally finds Mario's idiotic actions and phrasing to be funny.

However, Meggy isn't perfect. She has a bit of a sensitive side, as she hates losing and is hard on herself when her best efforts still don't prove to be good enough. Even so, she is able to rebound and regain her confidence fairly quickly, which she seemed to learn from Mario's confusing but well-intentioned advice.


  • Her dream career is a lawyer. Although her goal is to become an athlete.
  • Meggy is one of the two only major female characters, the other one being Tari
  • She doesn't like watching anime. Tentacle anime specifically weirds her out.
  • Unlike most reoccurring characters, such as Bob and Boopkins, Meggy does not reside in the Mushroom Kingdom, but in Inkopolis. This is confirmed in Stupid Mario Tennis Aces and SMG4: War Of the Fat Italians 2018. This could be why (story-wise) she is in fewer videos than the former two.
  • As seen in SMG4: Mario and the Bob Mansion..., she becomes incredibly trigger happy when somebody says "paint". Somewhat similarly to Shy Guy with toast.
  • She didn't know what Christmas was until Christmas 2017: The XMAS Discovery, because apparently it isn't celebrated in SMG4's Inkopolis, despite Squidmas in the actual Splatoon game.
  • She's terrible at cooking, even to the point of burning down a whole mansion (Bob's mansion), albeit with the aid of flamethrowers and gasoline. Both Mario and Bowser have attempted to teach her how, but both failed.