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Background Information
First appearanceI SAW BOB!
Character Information
Label 6Data 6 Data 6 Data 6 Data 6

Bob Bobowski is the iconic homeless rapper and the sexiest man alive. He first appeared in I SAW BOB! as a Weegeepie fan and in this video, he was too happy to met him and asked to be in a video, Weegeepie then broke the 4th wall and answered that he was already in one. Quite awesome, isn't it? Is it quite the good ol' horror show innit?? The really exquisite pleasant experience eh????

Visual description

Bob is part of the Garo's race. That race always wears a brown cloak, with a yellow band in the middle of the body with ancient red inscription written on it, he has blades for hands. And his feet are covered in bandages.


Like his counterpart in SMG4's videos he was at first an annoying fanboy, and can still be, at some extent, annoying. He really loves rap, he even did rap himself. But as he's so bad at it, anyone would die by hearing any of his raps. Anyone would go deaf listening to him rapping.


  • The character originaly came from The Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask, he is a Garo.
  • He thinks he has unlimited rizz but in reality he has 0 bitches and has to pay for them, but as he's poor then he can't afford them (skill issues!!!).
  • He thinks he has ovaries but he doesnt what a dumbass
    • No clue who wrote that but if he has ovaries that means he's transgender or sum
      • there's chicks with dicks and no masculine features whatsoever so maybe it's that can someone please explain this to me I thought you needed a legal record of gender dysphoria to get bottom surge