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Tari Render.png
Background Information
First appearanceLuigi Plays: SUPER LUIGI 3D WORLDDDCameo
Latest appearanceTARI TIME I Luigi Plays SUPER LUIGI MAKER 2 - PART 6 ft. Tari
VoiceCeleste Notley-Smith

Tari is a cyborg girl and pro-gamer who is friends with Mario and Luigi. She mostly plays with Luigi since they are best friends.

Tari, is an Onett gamer originating from the SMG4 series. She is a gamer.Please update this with more information

Tari was a minor character in the Luigi Plays: SUPER LUIGI 3D WORLDDD where she asked Luigi if she can play with him. she became a major character in the Luigi Plays: NEW SUPER LUIGI BROS. U DELUXE - WITH TARIII video where she has a major role playing with Luigi safe to say that she won the game. She also has major role being a second player for Luigi in Luigi Plays: MINECRAFTTT WITH TARI (& bedwars too) and also Luigi Plays: ROBLOX with TARI.

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Visual description

Tari FullRender.png

Tari is a young slender woman of average height. She wears a dodger blue and white hoodie styled to represent a blue jay, with brown khaki pants that now has pockets, and black fingerless gloves, while also having a metallic left arm. She wears plain white socks with dark blue heel and toe patches, and brown flip-flop sandals on top. She has clean white skin and silky blue hair. Ever since "Luigi plays SUPER MARIO MAKER 2 - PART 6" (, she's been given an enhanced model with a more chonky build. Honestly, this model is lovely and needs to be on the Garry's Mod workshop soon soon my friend


Her personality is sweet and shy and always polite but she can be quite smart when playing video games. Tari is an innocent, insecure girl frequently prone to hyperactivity who is a fan of video games. However, this innocence or polite attitude can sometimes switch up if she were to either lose/die/get annoyed in a game. It can be shown very colorfully in Luigi Plays: ROBLOX with TARI and TARI TIME I Luigi Plays SUPER LUIGI MAKER 2 - PART 6 ft. Tari.





  • Her favorite console is the Gamecube.
  • She is a weeb. (Closeted?)
  • Fun fact cake noob role played as tari in the minecraft video and in the Roblox video
  • She is mostly just a character from smg4 but weegeepie changed her up a bit so she can be quite better