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Weegeepie's room

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Weegeepie's room is the main location of Weegeepie's videos, as it is where every Luigi Plays takes place. It is the most used location on the channel so far.

At first it was just the Basement of Peach's castle, until Luigi gave it a visual overhaul in Luigi Plays: SWITCH GAMESSS! (50K Special) . It has received multiple minor upgrades ever since.



  • It was explained in Luigi & SMG4 Play: SUPER MARIO BROS. WONDER all of the room's furniture can conveniently be deployed/hidden on command
    • It is then unclear if Peach is aware of it, or if she'd even be fine with it
    • It all seems to be controlled with the Youtube Remote
      • It is yet unclear how Luigi acquired the remote
  • It is unclear if Luigi sleeps in this room instead of at his house, or if he alternates between both
  • The room used to include an Etika poster from Weegeepie says GOODBYE to Etika..
    • The poster was removed for the same reason why the video was unlisted
  • Sometimes, the Green Star reminiscent of Weegeepie: The Invincibility Curse can appear sealed in glass, this is inconsistent throughout the videos
  • In Luigi Plays: SONIC.EXE, the first half of the video takes place in an furniture-less basement as the video is hinted to take place in the past, before MarioTube
    • It is unclear if those events are canon or just spoopy side effects/hallucinations from the game being haunted