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Peach Render.png
Background Information
First appearanceLuigi Plays: SWITCH GAMESSS! (50K Special)
Character Information
Label 6Data 6 Data 6 Data 6 Data 6

Princess Peach is the princess of the Mushroom Kingdom. She resides in Bowser's Castle often getting kidnapped and being helpless. Some may describe her as a "biotch".

Visual description

Princess Peach is a tall blonde woman with golden yellow hair and a crown. She has purple earrings and lipstick. She wears a pink dress with a blue emblem in her chest as well as having white gloves. In many of her depictions she is seen cross-eyed and her mouth large yelling at her subjects.


Her personality is that of a "bitch". She is often a loud mouthed individual who screams at her subjects and needs Mario to save her. She is needy and often relies on toads to do her bidding. (God im so fucking tired this personality section needs to be finished)


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    • According to Miyamoto, "Princess Peach has been captured 345,212,143,121,090 times respectively"