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File:SLG4 FullRender.png
Background Information
Latest appearanceTARI TIME I Luigi Plays SUPER LUIGI MAKER 2 - PART 6 ft. Tari
Character Information
Label 6Data 6 Data 6 Data 6 Data 6

Not to be confused with RaymanPotatoes, the creator

SLG4 is the Luigi version of SMG4

He was originally created by dshaynie for SMG4 back in 2012.

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Visual description

SLG4 is supposedly SMG4's long lost brother before his reveal in Sup' Bro? (SMG4), so they dress pretty similar despite the fact this version has green eyes and got his name written on his hat in blue and green, SLG4 wears a white hat and shirt that is slightly blue-ish like SMG4's overalls, with blue overalls . Brown shoes and white gloves. So SMG4's colors, but swapped.

The subtle changes were made by RaymanPotatoes himself when he was doing the textures on the SM64 rom.


SLG4, was first made to be, mysterious and evil. Again due to RaymanPotatoes lack of self awareness on his poor writting, just take SLG4 as what used to be another random SM64 character that could get mad pretty quickly. He doesn't really care about anything but dislikes being made fun of. However he likes to prank Luigi from time to time. Nowadays he's just a smug mofo and pretends being evil when in reality he doesn't have any villain goals or motives


  • In Weegeepie's videos, SLG4 is shown as a recurring character, no longer working for SMG3 and often appearing in the castle to play games with Luigi. This implies that, at least in that channel, he did not die after being launched out of the cannon by Mario 9 years ago.
  • SLG4's character was reintroduced as a somewhat big role thanks to Weegeepie's long time friend RaymanPotatoes suggesting his inclusion, him directing the character entirely, to the point of pretty much being the character but ended on doing brief cameos when he's not part of the episodes, no one really knows what he is up to right now.
    • The over-use of jojo references for his character was fully from Rayman's direction, which was actually supposed to be part of a "jojo-ification arc" (similar to SMG4's T-Pose Virus arc, having everyone make jojo references instead), it can be seen in the 2018 Halloween Special. The idea was inevitably shelved, due to Weegeepie's lack of interest in making an Arc so early on, but also the fact he didn't watch Jojo at the time, and so did not really see the appeal.
      • Originally, the main reason of SLG4's inclusion was to eventually lead to said arc, however even though it was shelved, SLG4 is still an important character to Weegeepie's videos
    • As said earlier, while RaymanPotatoes influenced the character on Weegeepie, dshaynie originally created the character for SMG4 in 2012.
  • SLG4 was responsible for the Castle nuking, in the 100K COLLAB SPECIAL!.
  • He destroyed MEEƃEEbIE in one hit, all while unnoticed using his time stop ability, considering the fact MEEƃEEbIE also had powers
  • The person himself (Rayman Potatoes) was Fishy Boopkins at first (on Discord)
    • He also did voice work as Wario on one of ABG4's videos, and the joke character Weegiepie Gaming
  • Similar to Meggy in early SMG4, SLG4's eye color seems to alternate between Blue and Green. This is an editing error and the intended color is Green.