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Lucas Art.png
Background Information
First appearanceLuigi Plays: CUPHEADDD
Character Information
BirthdayApril 23rd
Likespenis and balls Peach Iced Tea

Not to be confused with the character of Luigi or the one time character Lucλς.

Weegeepie, or Lucas , is the creator of the Weegeepie YouTube Channel and used to often collaborate with the SMG4 channel.

Story-wise, Lucas is Luigi's editor.

Visual description

Lucas FullArt.png

His 2D representation has bighair, expressively eyebrows (though sometimes they're not drawn if not needed), large eyes, small black pupils (brown IRL), and wears a green raglan shirt. He has the exact same socks and sandals as Tari; White & blue socks with light brown sandals.



Photo of Lucas' teleportation device. How did he get that?
  • He has a shittily-drawn form/MS paint form.
  • Lucas has been seen with a strange teleportation device. It looks identical to the Spy phone that could be obtained on Club Penguin, before it shut down in 2017. How did he get his hands on this device..?
  • Despite being a SM64 machinimist, his avatar (as of now) isn't and never was a mario recolor, instead being a completely original design.