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File:Swagmaster FullRender.png
Background Information
First appearanceLuigi Plays: CAT MARIOOO(skit)
Latest appearanceThe Mario Channel: MARIO'S SQUID GAME
Character Information
Label 6Data 6 Data 6 Data 6 Data 6

Swagmaster696969696969, usually referred to as Swagmaster or Swag, is a minor character in the weegeepie series.

Text color
FF2300 255, 35, 0 8, 100%, 100%
Text outline color
000000 0, 0, 0 N/A, N/A, 0%

Visual description

He wears a solider uniform from goldeneye 64 with black shoes and also has brown hair and has a mustache.


Swagmaster is arrogant, unintelligent, cocky, and tends to be uncaring and mean towards others. He prefers to care about himself more then others. He somewhat helps Chris since they are friends he kinda shows kindness


  • Chris's name actually being Chris in Goldeneye 007's files, Swagmaster's actual name would be Ken
  • He made a skit in Luigi Plays: CAT MARIOOO where luigi acts like swagmaster
    • This character is a original charceter from smg4 that is based off the n64 goldeneye game