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File:Shroomy FullRender.png
Background Information
First appearance...WHAT? - Luigi Plays: GARTEN OF BANBAN
Latest appearanceMario goes to the Supermarket
Character Information
Label 6Data 6 Data 6 Data 6 Data 6

Shroomy is a minor character in the weegeepie series. He is a cheerful Boy Scout and also the highest achieving member of the boy scouts. His first appearance was in ...WHAT? - Luigi Plays: GARTEN OF BANBAN where he asked luigi that thing was like him.

Visual description

Shroomy appears as a slim mushroom boy who is often seen with a happy face with a single tooth. He wears a boy scout hat on his head, and wears a orange tie with a sash of all of his badges, and brown shoes.


Usually, Shroomy is an optimistic and positive guy who speaks with a Southern accent and seems to enjoy crafting rocket launchers. Whenever he is about to fight someone, he always uses his trusty rocket launcher as self-defense. He also enjoys winning and mostly celebrates his victory by dancing. He very rarely gets angry or sad.


  • Shroomy's facial expressions are similar to the one's from adventure time
    • This character is was originally smg4 series but weegeepie just kept him in his own series because why not