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File:File:Frankie FullRender.png
Background Information
First appearanceLuigi Plays: GETTING OVER ITTT - WITH A GUN!?!
Latest appearanceLuigi Plays: ROBLOX with TARI
Character Information
Label 6Data 6 Data 6 Data 6 Data 6

He is a dumb, young, glasses-wearing and annoying Toad kid. He is often a victim in multiple situations, who doesn't even know what's going on. He is also shown to be suicidal and a nuisance towards others like for example luigi where he torments or just annoy him. Despite the abusive treatment, his facial expressions always gives a bright smile.

Text color
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Visual description

Frankie is a Toad with somewhat large, round black glasses.


He has no personnality, except being an annoying child for 24/7.

Though his glasses would make him appear smart, he is in fact a dumb character, usually saying unintelligible things compared to Mario. However, he may be a little "too dumb" (so to speak), as one could infer from some of his behavior. He is very annoying towards others especially luigi.