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May 6, 2017
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Drawing, animating, playing games, cute things, Peach Iced Tea
Edd Gould  SMG4,
mostly Nintendo
This month's homo:
What's your video editing software?
I use Vegas Pro 14! I did a lot of testing and settled with this one. It is the most stable, in my opinion. (And no, no need to tell me to switch to Premiere or something, Vegas is perfect for what I do :P)

What do you use to record games?
Every game on PC (Windows) is recorded with Fraps! (That includes Project 64 and Garry's Mod) For console games, I use an Elgato HD60 S+!

How do you make the visuals in your videos?
I use Garry's Mod (puppet-like characters) and Super Mario 64 (low-poly graphics)
Sometimes I might also use Blender, most of the time for thumbnails, sometimes for specific things I can't do in Gmod or SM64.

Can I make clips/edits/Youtube Poops out of your content?
You can! But kindly respect the conditions below:

For clips & edits: Do not monetize the upload, leave a link to my channel or the video the clip originates from
For Youtube Poops: You can monetize the upload, leave a link to my channel or the video the clip originates from
(although I haven't seen people make a living off of them, YTPs are often done for fun lol)

For Reaction videos: You can monetize the upload, but only if there's effort put into it (do not just have a facecam with nothing for the whole video, you can discuss about whatever is happening on the video, stuff like that), leave a link to my channel or the video the clip originates from

And obviously, you are and you always will be allowed to make image memes & profile pictures from my content, aswell as fanart (I even encourage it! go nuts!)

Are you SMG4/Luke Lerdwichagul/Someone from his team?
No, I am not haha
Weegeepie comes from SMG4's MarioTube (2017) video, in which he had introduced Luigi having a youtube channel of the same name, I took this concept and turned it into a real thing!
... Without SMG4's approval ... he quickly said he was fine with it though :)
I am not directly affiliated with SMG4/Glitch Productions. Although I have worked with them multiple times, I am not someone from the company

Can I be in your video?
I'm sorry, but no D: if I put a fan in a video, everyone else will want to also be in, as it wouldn't be fair if I only put one fan and no one else
it is quite literally impossible for me to feature all my millions of fans :(

Can ..YOU be in MY video?
Yes!! Absolutely!
You're more than welcome to put me in your videos, whether it's Luigi with headphones or my 2D avatar :D

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